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Labor day has come and gone and September is here. We’re marching out the clock till the fall equinox in three more weeks.

I hope to get some more photo shoots in while it’s still summer. I’m still working on the previews from Vassanta’s shoot. At this rate I’ll still be working on them as we head in to winter ;0)

20140827_VAS_S31_0220140827 Vassanta Set 31 Image 02

Serendipity Gardens changes through the months. Right now it’s mostly green with a few patches of color. It’s a far cry from the early April shoot with Tonya Z.

20140406_TZ_S01_0220140406 Tonya Z Set 01 Image 02

In Tonya Z’s photo you can actually see some snow clinging to the shadows of the barn.

I would love to do a follow up shoot with Tonya Z in the Summer just to get a feeling of what’s changed in just over a quarter of a year.