I started booking for DEAC on the 20th and one of the models I’m trying to book wanted to know if we could shoot a set for Zivity. I said sure you can use your previews for that.

Well it turns out that it doesn’t work that way. I have post the images on the site and give credit to the model.

Which seems a little weird until I found out that it’s a site that generates royalties based on a voting system.

Apparently a vote is worth $1 and it’s split between the model 50% , photographer 30% and 20% goes to the site. Or something like that.

I’m not really into making money off my images but I can see why the prospect of earning royalties is a draw.

I did sign up but I’m not sure how I feel about that.

I did find a number of models that I’ve worked with are on the site and I might post sets from our previous collaborations. I’m not sure of the etiquette for posting older work. I guess I’ll contact the model concerned and see if she is interested in me posting sets.

There are a few sets from ginger Kewl that seem exactly made for the site.

DEAC 15 Ginger Kewl Set 05 Image 01

Next step is for me to contact Ginger Kewl and see if she wants me to post them.