If you haven’t guessed already I still haven’t finished the previews of Vassanta from the end of August. We shot over 30 sets and I’ve got about 20 sets left to process.

I’m sure I can come up with excuses like national holiday and booking for DEAC 17 ;0) but you know it’s mostly just me running into a new schedule now that schools have started back.

20140827_VAS_S08_09a20140827 Vassanta Set 08 Image 09

DEAC 17 is coming up on the 20th and I’ve only now just started to book models for it.

This DEAC seems a little less active than previous ones. There seems to be more of a 1 to 1 ratio of models to photographers.  There is still plenty of time for that to change.  I probably won’t finalize my schedule till the 18th or 19th.