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Oh I miss summer time already. I realize we are still technically in summer for a another week or so but most people are already moving on to Fall schedules.

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Booking is getting a little more difficult. I’m half way through this months booking window and I haven’t been able to book anyone.

I’m a martyr to my schedule and no one seems to have availability on Wednesdays. Wednesdays for me are my least busy day of my mundane schedule.

Last night I tried booking one of my favorite burlesque performers for a shoot. I don’t think I was successful… ;0)

I contacted her through Facebook inquiring about her booking process. I sent her an email to the correct booking address. I Then gave her details about the project through Facebook chat. Her reply was “Ahh” and that was it.

As an answer “Ahh” by itself certainly doesn’t fill me with confidence. ;0)

When you are working with other people like bookings etc you have to realize that rejection can be a good thing. Not every project is a fit for every person.

A prime example of “not every project is a fit for every person” is me. I don’t have the personality to be able to pose for myself ;0)

A rejection encourages you (me) to reevaluate and examine what you are trying to do.

It’s a lot like composition, you bring the elements together for a shot. Sometimes the shot works right off but more often you have to move things around.

With a booking project you can do a lot to ‘move things around’ like talk about the project to determine what issues and concerns they might have. The easiest is to just ask someone else ;0)

Personally in this case I’m going to leave the offer open but move on. I felt the “Ahh” was more of a dismissal.

If it happens it happens but if not well it was a long shot.