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So I’m mid way through booking for DEAC 17. I have 13 slots and I have 6 booked. I think I might be able to fill more slots in the upcoming week, The week before the event gets a little hectic with cancellations and rearrangements.

This event will be held once again at the Leland hotel Downtown Detroit.

Saturday September 20th 2014 (2 of 7 booked)

Sat 12: OPEN
Sat 01: OPEN
Sat 02: OPEN
Sat 03: Jayne Doe
Sat 04: OPEN
Sat 05: Keleigh Lyn
Sat 06: OPEN

Sunday September 21st 2014  (4 of 6 booked)

Sun 12: Tyger Greenleaf
Sun 01: OPEN
Sun 02: Desiree Bleek
Sun 03: FarrIL
Sun 04: Lorelei Skye
Sun 05: OPEN

I love shooting in the Leland hotel, it’s a lot like Detroit. There is a lot of grandeur but also tarnish and decay.

The location has so much variety for shooting. There is a grand foyer with a chandelier and huge fireplace right next door to a ballroom but then you open an door and there is the City club with all its dark paint and fluorescent highlights.

D15_I_001Front room mezzanine shooting location Leland Hotel Detroit

Up stairs where the elevators no longer stop is the forgotten mezzanine. It seems like time has slowed or even stopped in the mezzanine. Everything has a flavor of an older time.  The paint has been left to flake and the windows need repair. It’s dusty but well worth the effort to shoot there.