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So yesterday I shot with Stan R, Jayne D and Keleigh L at the Leland hotel in Detroit.

I managed to snag the front mezzanine window room for all three shoots. I didn’t actually see many other photographers using the mezzanine.

The models I talked with yesterday all seemed very much booked for the whole day. Which normally isn’t exceptional except that last week nine or so photographers dropped out of the event.

D17_JD_S03_06aDEAC 17 Jayne D  Set 03 Image 06

I shot with Jayne D for 33 minutes and took 59 images. Of those we got 53 usable images over 5 sets.

D17_KL_S03_05aDEAC 17 Keleigh L  Set 03 Image 05

I shot with Keleigh L for 40 minutes and took 72 images. Of those we got 68 usable images over 9 sets.

D17_SR_S03_02aDEAC 17 Stan R  Set 03 Image 02

I shot with Stan R for 47 minutes and took 69 images. Of those we got 65 usable images over 7 sets.

I’m pretty happy with the images I got yesterday, I’m heading back to the Leland today to shoot some more. Hopefully I’ll get some good images today.