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I had four back to back appointments on Sunday. But one of them was a No Show ;0(

My first shoot was at noon with Tyger G. She is the reason I joined Zivity just so that we could shoot a set for her. I had this idea for the shoot to do something with books. Well it evolved into a story about Tyger finding an magic mask in an abandoned reading room. The mask makes her really excited to read books….

D17_TG_S01_01aDEAC 17 Tyger G  Set 01 Image 01

We shot for 25 Minutes and ended up with an amazing 304 images. That means I have a lot of weeding to do since a Zivity Set can only be a maximum of 45 images.

Next up was Lorelei we shot in the same room. She was wearing some vintage night wear… It even still had the union tags that could trace it back to the 50’s

DEAC 17 Lorelei S Set 01 Image 04

I shot with Lorelei for 31 minutes and ended up with 61


DEAC 17 Farril Set 01 Image 01

I shot with Ferril for a solid 48 mins and ended up with 122 images. The main theme for Farrils shoot was to get Facebook friendly images for her profile.

I didn’t see many photographers at the event. One of the unintentional side effects was that for the whole weekend I was able to shoot in the same room. Which is good because those books are heavy ;0)

I still have to go through the images from yesterday but I did manage to finish all the previews from Saturday.

I think it was a good DEAC event. I got to work with three new models and three old favorites.