As part of my work flow I take the images from a shoot resize them and auto adjust the light levels on the image then save it to my Dropbox.

D17 Farril Set 02 Image 03

I give the Dropbox URL of where I am saving the previews to each respective model that I’ve shot with.

That way they get to see the previews about the same time as I do.

When I’ve shot with multiple models on the same day (like a DEAC event) I try to work through one set from each model before moving onto another set from the same model. Spreads the load and prevents people from having to wait overly long for the previews.

Luckily for me I was able to finish the previews from Saturday before I shot on Sunday.

I really did not expect to take so many pictures with Tyger and that is the hold up. I’m still in the process of sorting them into sets.

I’ve managed to create previews of two sets for each of the three models.

I’m trying to create previews of at least one set a day…

I’m running a little behind today but I hope to catchup tonight after I get back from work.