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With my Zivity shoot on Sunday with Tyger I decided to do a story line to make the images more cohesive.

I mentioned the basic story in a previous post about my our shoot together.  Well so far each set that I’ve done has a specific plot point.

D17_TG_S01_01aSet01: Finding the abandoned reading room

D17_TG_S02_12Set02: Searching the books 

D17_TG_S03_07Set 03: Finding the mask

This gave me the idea that should split the images from the shoot into chapters to form like a “Saturday morning serial” with Tyger as the plucky heroine.

I seem to have a prolog, main story and an epilog.

I’m a little worried about how many images should be in each chapter… but that is a little while down the track. I still have over 200 images to go through before I can start working on the chapters.