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So one of the agreements I made with Tyger at DEAC 17 is that she wanted to take pictures that could be submitted to Zivity

Well we took over 300 images at the shoot and a Zivity set is a maximum of 45 images. Rather than let the other 250 or so images go to waste. I decided that I’ll submit multiple Zivity sets. Then I had and idea that I could do it as a serial leading on from each other.  I decided I wanted to do 3 zivity sets each containing about 6 picture sets each and that would use up about half of the images.

Zivity_D17_Tyger_01 The story is Tyger is out exploring and discovers an abandoned reading room. It contains a number of books on a chair. She decides to investigate the books. where in she finds a mask hidden in one of the books and she puts it on.

*queue 80’s backing track*

She then starts to feel very warm and hot. However when she picks up a book she starts to feel all tingly.

Zivity_D17_Tyger_02And that is how chapter one ends with Tyger just getting interested in the book. I know it’s a little cheesy but I expect you don’t visit Zivity for the plot lines. ;0)

I’m still working through the images I have 214 images left to fill in 90 spaces in the two remaining zivity sets.

If you are interested in Zivity here is the link to Rendezvous with Ginger Kewl Which is my first Zivity set.