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Chapter Two was a little more challenging. When I got the images together to make the chapter I found out I had 22 more images than the maximum allowed. So I had to remove the extra images and I’m not sure if they where the right images to remove. I’m not 100% happy with the flow of the pictorial. I may swap some images out here or there.

The story so far…

In chapter one Tyger found the magic mask. The mask makes her feel all tingly. In chapter two Tyger discovers that the written word has a strange effect on her.

Zivity_D17_Tyger_03Each letter on the page is like a tiny hand massaging. The more letters she is in contact with the deeper the chirapsia.

Zivity_D17_Tyger_04Oh and don’t worry if you don’t know what chirapsia means. Apparently it means massage with hand (as opposed to massage by???)

Of course it’s far fetched, it just a story pictorial ;0) Come to think of it who wouldn’t want a mask that causes books to give you massages???