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Chapter Three was way easier to compose than chapter two. This was mostly because I know how I want the story to end and most importantly I know where I want the ending to begin.

The story so far…

In chapter one Tyger found the magic mask. In chapter two Tyger learns a new word “chirapsia” and manages to play with some books. In Chapter three Tyger comes to her senses and removes the mask. She is a little perturbed about her actions.

Zivity_D17_Tyger_05Tyger gets dressed and walks out he reading room making sure she brings the books with her. She pauses for a final look back but decides against bringing he mask with her.


And that is the end of the story of Tyger and the abandoned reading room.

I still have a little touch up here and there before I submit all three chapters to zivity. Hopefully I’ll be able to submit before next week.