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So it’s been a busy month. It took me till the end of October to finish all the images for Tyger G’s Zivity sets. In just about every frame there was some graffiti that I just didn’t like so I had to retouch them.

D17_TG_S17_15aD17 Tyger G Set 17 Image 15

All three chapters of the Abandoned reading room have been submitted and I’m already earning royalties or whatever Zivity calls them. I have $1.20 in the Zivity bank ;0)

I haven’t done any serious photography since DEAC 17 back in September that’s mainly because the owners of Serendipity Gardens have found a renter for the year, so that means I have to find another cool place to work ;0(

I have some ideas like a “Brave New Worlds” theme that I want to shoot and I even have a location in mind along with a couple of people who will pose for me.  I’m just having a little issue with available time but I do have vacation days that I need to burn through before the end of the year so I should be good.

The Dirty Show has begun it’s call for art for Dirty Show 16 in February 2015. This year it’s a little different. Last year I could only submit two images for consideration.  This year I can submit up to six. They have to be from within the last two years and not previously submitted to the dirty show.

I’m having a problem choosing six. There are some that I know I want to submit like

20140318-205234.jpg20140305 Jillian R Set 06 Image 03

I love this shot and I think it would look great as a large format. The other five are harder to choose. I have a short list but I don’t think they should be all large format.

I have until December 15th to submit then it’s the wait to see if I’ve been accepted. E-mails go out December 20th letting you know if you are selected or not. Last year I didn’t hear back till January 11th .