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Well I haven’t done any shooting since DEAC back in September. Oh I feel grumpy and irritable sort of like I’m going through withdrawal ;0(

The main reason for my lack of shooting is my lack of location. My usual haunt has been rented out for a year so I’m in search of a new location.

I’ve been searching for a location on Airbnb and after a little back and forth I think I  have found a local location I can use.

I have a backlog of people I want to shoot with and I hope to shoot again before the end of the year.

Adding to that I’m still working out what images to submit to the Dirty Show.

I have some frames and I’ve got some laser printouts of the images I want to use. Right now I’m shuffling and combining images to see what looks good to me.


Prototype of “Playsets” 

Here I’m trying to combine four images to give the impression of looking through a window. I have about five days left to submit to the show and I can submit up to 6 peaces.