Early December I shot with Mischief V we shot for 250 minutes and ended up with 279 usable images. My first cut brings it down to 138 images.

S01-03 S02-02 S02-03 S02-04 S02-10 S02-11 S03-03 S03-04 S03-05 S03-06 S03-07 S03-08 S03-09 S03-10 S03-11 S04-02 S05-02 S05-05 S05-06 S05-11 S05-18 S06-01 S06-02 S06-04 S06-07 S06-08 S06-10 S06-13 S06-15 S07-01 S07-02 S07-04 S07-05 S07-06 S07-08 S07-09 S07-10 S07-11 S08-01 S08-02 S08-04 S08-07 S09-01 S09-02 S09-04 S09-07 S09-08 S09-10 S10-01 S10-02 S10-04 S10-05 S11-01 S11-02 S11-03 S11-04 S11-05 S12-01 S12-04 S13-01 S13-02 S13-04 S13-06 S14-01 S14-02 S14-03 S14-04 S15-03 S15-07 S16-03 S16-04 S16-06 S16-07 S16-08 S16-12 S16-14 S16-15 S16-17 S16-18 S16-19 S16-20 S17-01 S17-03 S17-04 S17-05 S17-07 S17-12 S18-01 S18-03 S18-05 S19-01 S19-02 S19-03 S19-04 S19-05 S19-09 S20-02 S20-03 S20-04 S20-06 S20-09 S20-10 S20-11 S21-01 S21-02 S21-04 S21-06 S21-07 S21-08 S21-09 S21-11 S21-14 S21-17 S21-18 S21-19 S21-20 S21-21 S21-23 S21-26 S22-01 S22-03 S22-05 S23-01 S23-05 S23-07 S23-09 S24-01 S24-02 S24-03 S24-04 S24-05 S25-04 S25-08 S26-03 S26-05 S26-06 S26-07 S26-13

My next cut brings 138 down to 70. This cut has really tightened up the images from the shoot. I flick through the images and I can really see the poses that I like.

S01-03 S02-04 S02-10 S03-03 S03-04 S03-07 S03-08 S03-09 S03-10 S05-05 S05-11 S06-07 S06-08 S06-13 S07-04 S07-05 S07-06 S07-08 S07-09 S07-10 S08-01 S09-01 S09-07 S09-08 S09-10 S10-01 S10-05 S11-03 S11-04 S12-01 S13-02 S13-04 S13-06 S14-02 S14-03 S14-04 S16-06 S16-07 S16-08 S16-14 S16-18 S17-03 S17-05 S18-03 S19-01 S19-04 S19-09 S20-03 S20-06 S20-11 S21-01 S21-04 S21-06 S21-11 S21-14 S21-17 S21-18 S21-19 S21-20 S21-21 S22-01 S22-03 S23-09 S24-01 S24-02 S24-03 S24-05 S26-06 S26-07 S26-13

My next cut brings me to my top 40. These are all champions.

S02-10 S03-03 S03-04 S03-07 S03-10 S05-05 S05-11 S06-07 S06-08 S07-06 S07-10 S08-01 S09-07 S10-05 S11-03 S11-04 S13-02 S13-06 S14-02 S14-03 S14-04 S16-08 S16-18 S17-03 S18-03 S19-01 S19-04 S19-09 S20-11 S21-01 S21-11 S21-14 S21-18 S21-21 S22-01 S23-09 S24-01 S24-02 S24-03 S26-07

From those I choose my top 20 now the poses are separate from each other well it’s probably more accurate that they are less in context with each other.

20141210_MV_T20S03-07 S03-10 S05-05 S06-08
S07-06 S07-10 S08-01 S10-05
S11-03 S14-03 S16-08 S17-03
S19-01 S19-09 S20-11 S21-14
S21-21 S23-09 S24-03 S26-07

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20141210_MV_T10-6S21-14 S24-03 S10-05 S07-10 S03-10

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20141210_MV_T5-2S11-03 S05-05 S08-01 S03-07

I still have to polish my top 5 before I post them into the gallery.

My over all favorite image from the shoot is


There was so much going on within the image that I chose it as one of the images I submitted to the dirty show.

I adjusted the contrast and reduced the saturation to get the image I submitted “Ring”