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Today is the last day to submit art for the Detroit Dirty show 16 I’ve been debating which ones to submit this year. Earlier this year I had all my images picked out ahead of time. I was doing to choose my best two images. Last year I submitted two and they where both accepted and one of them sold ;0)

This year is a little different you can submit up to 6 (which I did). You pay to submit art but you also get a chance at one of the show prizes in addition to the possibility that your art sells.

Funny thing is this time when I chose my 6 I didn’t consider my “best two” images that I picked earlier in the year.

20140318-204304.jpgDirty Show submission “Red”

Red was taken at DEAC 15 earlier this year. I only worked with MS Nuclear Winter for less than half an hour in a freezing cold Detroit Hotel mezzanine.

20140318-205234.jpgDirty Show submission “Carpe”

Carpe is an early shot from my first shoot with Jillian R this year. I just love the ink and the close cropping.

playsetDirty Show submission “Playset”

Playset is a composite of four different shoots all within location / playset. If you focus on the background you can see how the set has changed subtly from shoot to shoot.

ResearchDirty Show submission “Research”

Research is a shot from DEAC 17 when I was working with Tyger G. I love the shadows and the compactness of the image.

WaterDirty Show submission “Water”

I almost forgot I had the pitcher and basin in my car. I suddenly remembered it while shooting Vansanta. I love the highlights from the water trickles

Love_Michael_RingDirty Show submission “Ring”

The last image i submitted was one of my most recent images. I took it at the end of my shoot last week with Mischief V. Super close crop but so much intimacy and action.

I don’t expect all my images to be accepted but I’ll only really be pissed if none get accepted. If none get accepted I’ll probably go in a huff and sulk, leading to me not entering any pictures next year.  So no pressure Dirty show ;0)