I shot with Mischief V for 250 minutes and ended up with 279 usable images over 26 sets.

20141210_MV_S24_03a20141210 Mischief V Set 24 Image 03

 I wanted to capture the natural shadows within the room at my indoor location so I had a longer exposure on some of my images. That meant some of the images aren’t quite as crisp as I want but I am very happy with the way these images.

20141210_MV_S03_10a20141210 Mischief V Set 03 Image 10

My outside shots where awesome, it was the cold that curtailed my shooting. If only we could have fall in summer ;0)

Oh and I cannot say it enough but I really do like my current workflow. All the previews where done while I was waiting to make a cup of tea.