I so want to be outside shooting but it’s been well below the freezing point. Only in the past few days the temperature peaked over. Just when I’m thinking it’s safe to book a cold perky shoot, we get the first major thaw of winter 2015. Now every thing is wet, muddy and sloppy.

So I’m not thinking I’m going to book for outside for a while.

Instead I’m going to stay indoors and play with the images I got in 2014.

20141210_MV_S03_06b20141210 Mischief V Set 03 Image 06

I shot with Mischief V on my last shoot for 2014. It was barely warm enough to pose outside and right on the lip of winter. Using a little nudge of the hues the orange leaves of Fall have digitally become the new life of Spring.

I really can’t wait to get out and shoot.

Yeah I know there is a sapling in front of the model, I actually want it there to reflect the pose of the model.