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After a slight mix up and an over zealous spam filter it turns out that my photo Water was accepted in to the Detroit Dirty Show.

20140827_VAS_S12_21_DS16 20140827 Vassanta Set 12 Image 21

I’ve created a special Dirty Show edition of the Water image. I wanted to allude that the model was actually underwater. So I removed some of the red to boost the blue color and gave various parts of the scene smoother more fluid edges.

I now have to get it printed framed and packed before February 7th when I need to drop the image off to be included in the show.

If I make it 20×30 I can probably re-use the frame I had for the image that didn’t sell last year (Burlesque finale). As luck would have it the frame is already set up as a horizontal image With the hangers in the correct place.

Only problem is I’m not sure where I stored it from last years show.