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So I’m going back through some of the images I took in 2014. One thing I did notice was I spent a tremendous about of time on the DEAC 17 images but that was mostly because of Tyger and the Zivity images.

So I decided to go through some of the other images from DEAC 17 and see what I was missing.

I shot with Keleigh L for 40 minutes and we got 68 usable images over 9 sets.

D17_KL_S09_08bDEAC 17 Keleigh L  Set 09 Image 08  – “Red Dragon”

Keleigh L’s shoot was my last shoot on the Saturday and Set 09 Image 08 was the last image taken on the shot.

One of the major alterations I did for this image is change the colors of Keleigh L’s tattoo. I changed it so that it more closely resembled the red and gold of the material on the floor. I also changed the color of the big red book.