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Well I ran into a small issue with my regular printer but I have over come that and moved on to another provider.

I have had issues with my regular printer before last time it was over weird stuff. Like they refused to print a wallet sized image of one of my renders and yet they where quite happy printing it 20 by 30 inches…

Any way I decided to try a local professional lab instead. With the new place the 20 by 30 price per print is almost four times the price of my old printing place. I’ve heard they do excellent prints but I don’t want to go to the expense only to find out that I don’t like the quality.

So I decided to try for a smaller print. While I was working on the size of the image to be printed I came up  with a differing crop.

20140827_VAS_S12_21_DS16a20140827 Vassanta Set 12 Image 21 -“Water” – Portrait crop 4:5 Aspect

I love this new crop and how it has tightened up and focused in on the action with in the frame.  The way it’s cropped the image will contain slightly more detail than if it was printed in the larger 20 by 30 size.

My plan is to print a smaller image and matte it into different sized frame (not 20  by 30) for the Dirty Show.

Art drop off day is fast approaching and I’m not ready not by far.