So here I am on Superbowl Sunday and it’s snowing and it’s expecting to snow all day and into tomorrow.  I could get all motivated and shovel snow while it snows but I’d rather stay inside and keep warm.

So what to do?

Well luckily for me I still have a boat load of images to process from 2014.

At DEAC 17 I shot with Farril for 48 minutes and ended up with 119 usable images over 10 sets.

D17_Farril_S05_07a  DEAC 17 Farril  Set 05 Image 07 

  This was around the half way mark.  Using my trusty red curtain I tried for an homage to that famous photograph of Sharbat Gula that National Geographic did back in the early 80’s called Afghan Girl.

I didn’t have a reference photo to work from but I had a general idea.  Next time I’d move the scarf to let it billow and to show more of her face.

One thing I do like about the image is the inclusion of Farril’s glasses. The glasses are worn but aren’t fully in place. You can see her gaze penetrating through them.

With the Afghan Girl image here eyes are the most striking feature. I tried to get Farril’s eyes to shine out from under the hood, through her hair and behind her glasses.

The only thing I did to her eyes and lip stud where bump the hues to they more closely matched each other.