I spent the majority of Saturday out of the house and out of town.

I got invited to the Detroit House of Pain where chaos talent was hosting a group valentine shoot. I ended up shooting with four models over four hours.

I got some good images but I think my last couple of sets picked up a lot of ISO noise from low light and I’ll have to see what I can do about fixing it in Photoshop.

On my way back from the shoot I stopped off at the Russell Industrial Center on Clay street in Detroit. It was the last day to drop off art for the Dirty Show.


My picture “Water” was designated number 166. Last year my images where in the 300s.

Getting my image ready for the show had its own set of issues from getting a box to fit


all the way down to getting the D rings and picture wire attached to the frame.


I ended up using glue to fasten the D rings to the frame and cutting and scoring a box to get an extra inch in height so that the picture frame was protected.

The Dirty show opens on Thursday with a preview from 7pm to 1am.