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My last appointment at the Chaos Talent shoot was with Molly C, by this time the location was getting very crowded.  The space where I was shooting alone with my my model at noon now held two photographers each with their own respective models.  I ended up shooting in a alcove at the top of the stairs.  It was dimly lit with red light.

I shot with Molly C for 39 minutes and ended up 76 usable images of 10 sets.

20150207_MC_S06_07a20150207 Molly C Set 06 Image 07

With the lower light I wanted to try some higher ISO settings and well I paid the price with noise.

While I’m disappointed that I got the noise I’m actually  treating it like a learning opportunity. I’m going to research what techniques I can use to improve the shots in Photoshop.

I’m a firm believer that the only mistake you can truly make is not learning from it.