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Using the Photoshop calculations function as another method of creating a Black and White version of an image.

20150207_MC_S04_04_bw20150207 Molly C Set 04 Image 04 Calculations blending method

The whole shoot with Molly C at the Chaos Talent event was shot with red light with red furnishing and a red outfit. The original Set 04 image 04 of Molly C was very red to say the least.  Perfect candidate to get the Black and White treatment.

I started off by checking out the image in the various RGB channels When I split it into channels the lightest channel was the Red (because the image was so red) and the darkest was the green.  I chose the calculations method so I could blend the two channels together.  To give you an idea Molly C’s underwear is actually a bright red with the red channel alone it looks bright white. With the Green channel it’s darker but blotchy. When I blend the Red and Green channels into another channel (or document) the underwear and other furnishings within the image take on a more normalized look for a Black and White image.