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I got the official you sold email on the last day of the show around 8pm.

IMG_4333[1]Which was just in time since if I hadn’t got the email I’d have to trudge back up to the Russell Exhibition Center to pick it up.

I’m very happy that it sold, someone out there shares my taste in beauty or at the very least needed a 16 by 16 picture frame ;0)

I realize that not ever picture sells. I even came up with alternative plans in case the image didn’t sell. If it didn’t sell the printed image Water was going to turned into a Harry Potter related piece. Yeah it takes a bit of explaining but I assure you it would have worked. I might still do that I just need to find the right shadow box.

So what have I been up to? Well I’ve been busy with the mundane part of my life. I’ve also been skirting over my images from the last shoot. I got some nice pictures but I haven’t got around to polishing any.

One thing I have been interested in is converting to Black and White using Photoshop. There are many ways to get Black and White in Photoshop. Simplest is just image > adjust> greyscale. It’s very quick but you have no control over it and once it’s done there is no going back.

My usual quick and dirty method  is a hue / saturation adjustment layer with the saturation turned down to -100.  It’s totally reversible and you can paint a mask to vary the levels of desaturation. There are a number of other layer masks you can use to get more control on the desaturation process like Channel mixer or gradient map. Sometimes I even use a couple of hue / saturation layers in tandem to go through variations.

20150207_Dek_S01_02_BW_a20150207 Dekilah Set 01 Image 02 – Lab Color method

With this image of Dekilah I used a combination of techniques, I started off converting to lab color then converting the lightness channel to greyscale. I really liked the shadows but Dekilah’s hair got a little lost in them on the wall above the window. The lab color method is a destructive method so basically there was no going back (apart from the history tab ;0)

20150207_Dek_S01_02_BW_b20150207 Dekilah Set 01 Image 02 – Channel Mixer method

 So I went back to the beginning and used a Channel Mixer adjustment layer to convert the image to monochrome. Using the mixers for the Red Green and Blue channels I was able to get an image closer to the Lab Color method.  Using the mixer I then boosted the blue channel up to take advantage of the cold winter daylight streaming in from the window. As you can see I achieved a distinct separation from the wall and Dekilah’s hair.

I am happy with this version of the image but I am looking forward to trying some new methods on other images from the shoot.