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My first appointment at the Chaos Talent Valentine shoot was with one of Detroit’s most famous contemporary burlesque dancers Lushes LaMoan. I have seen her perform more times than I can count while holding a beer ;0)

The first time I saw her perform she was doing a benefit show at the tangent gallery in Detroit . I remember she did this act with a huge blue feathered fan, it was awesome. I think that was the last time she did that fan act, I found out later that someone stole the fan from the dressing room at the benefit show. ;0(

Lushes’s outfit for our shoot was awesome. Pink feathers everywhere. Apart from the bobby pins holding the feathers in her hair and the fishnet stockings on her legs everything else was glued on!!! I just can’t imagine how she would take it back off (apparently there are special solvents for that ;0)

20150207_LL_S05_09a20150207 Lushes La Moan Set 05 Image 09

When I saw the pose it just screamed vintage to me. When I came around to polishing the image I wanted to make it look like the film or image had sat on a shelf and had aged over the years. I didn’t want to go black and white like I did with the image of “Cher in the style of the late Irving Klaw”.

I wanted to give the impression that the image had lived a life on it’s own before making it’s way into my portfolio.

I have some preset that help with the aging but then you have to go back and tweak the imperfections. I ended up using a few masks to pull up some details and hide others.

I don’t care what you think about it, all I know is I’m very happy with this image. ;0)