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Have you ever played the classic detective game Cluedo or Clue as they call it in North America?

Well it’s a who done it game where you have to deduce who killed Mr Black / Mr Body, with which weapon and in which room.

I’m not saying I was good at the game but I was good at misleading the other players. It’s not my fault they inferred the wrong cards in my hand.

I bring it up because the SMP group shoot was held at Blindspot studios in the Russell Industrial center in Detroit. You probably haven’t been there but if you had you’d have marveled in the layout. Every corner seems to be a different “room” or setting.

With the proper set dressing you could form each of the nine rooms within the game of clue. Yesterday I posted a picture of Sandra R in the old pool photo. Well that’s a direct translation to the Billiards room on the board game.

20150606_SonnetGS04_03a20150606 Sonnet GW Set 04 Image 03

With its large windows and flower boxes Sonnet GW could be imagined to be standing in the conservatory with its secret passage leading across the board to the lounge.

Speaking of the lounge I already posted an image of Sonnet GW in the lounge

20150606_SonnetGS02_01a20150606 Sonnet GW Set 02 Image 01

You know the more I think on it the more I think it would be cool to host a Clue party at Blindspot studios. Heck you just need some gaffer tape to do outlines of rooms and you could do a full sized version of the game ;0)