Well I have less than 24 hours left to submit items to

Small Wonders 3: an exhibition of tiny  art.

The call for art ends at 11:55pm on Saturday June 13th (today).

Some of the rules for submission are that the entries must be PG-13 or less. Which is a little strange since a PG-13 is a movie ratings and the rules for obtaining that it includes phrases like “brief” and “mild” which make more sense to a media that isn’t static.

Another rule for submission is that each item has to be no larger than 5 inches in any dimension which makes sense since this is a tiny art exhibition.

You can submit as many items as you want but each item must pass the selection jury to be included in the show.

When I decided to enter some of my work my first task was to locate some picture frames of the correct size. I had a little bit of a difficulty finding frames small enough. My options were generally 4×6 which was too big and wallet sized 2×3 which was way too small.

I eventually found a supply of 4×4 frames. I tried out various square crops and ended up with 25 images that I liked.  So I made prints of them and tried each of them in the 4×4 frames.

Some worked and some just didn’t quite have the correct balance.

After all that I’ve ended up with 15 images that I want to submit.

  • 3 miniature winter scenes
  • 4 photographs of snowflakes
  • 2 photographs of paper objects
  • 2 photographs of people
  • 3 artistic digital renditions
  • 1 building

Now comes the hard part for me, naming the images ;0)

I’m all for naming them like Snowflake 1,2,3 or winter scene 1,2,3. Apparently that’s not quite artistic enough.

So here are some of the images I’m submitting to the show.

Ice_and_water_“Ice & Water Tower”

Like_curl_with_a_G“Like curl with a G”

Millennium_Half-Blood“Millennium Half-Blood”

Winter_trees“Winter: Trees”

After I submit I should hear back on or around the 17th of June as to if any of my pieces have been included. I’m hoping my love for miniature art has enabled me to choose the right ones to submit.

If not then I’ll have some cool art of my own that I can hang around my home ;0)