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I’ve been working and I’ve been shooting. I’ve been to familiar places as well as “exotic locations”. It’s been a week of sun, water and shadows.

First time shooting at the local outdoor hot tub garden. Its private with a lot of light, maybe a little too much light. We got some squinting and shadows.

20150623_MV_DC_S17_15a20150623 Mischief V & Dea C Set 17 Image 15

It was a fun shoot but very specialized basically just enough room to shoot people in a hot tub. We did a few shots out side the tub but most were water based.

I also shot at a local AirBnB location. My first appointment at the location was with Chaos Talent’s Rachiie I

20150624_RachiieI_S09_15a20150624 Rachiie I Set 09 Image 15

The image above is a very hash edit of Rachiie I, I was looking for some “grit”  to compliment the lettering on her hand. I’m still going through the images but I feel I got a lot of awesome images from our shoot.

My last shoot of the week was with the wonderful and nomadic Freshie Juice.  Freshie Juice is based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I was able to book with her only because her plans brought her into the state and I piggy backed my shoot on to her trip.

20150624_FreshieJ_S01_01a20150624 Freshie Juice Set 01 Image 01

I’m very happy with the images I got with Freshie Juice. All the shoots this week ended up with 200 plus images per shoot.  That means I still have a lot of images to go through and that is in addition to the images I still have to go through from the SMP event shoot earlier this month.