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strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated).

One of my favorite styles of composition is implied nudity. I enjoy making an image that is more than it appears to be.

If I was taking an image where I was implying the composition elements where characters from a 90’s cartoon. Then if you have never seen that particular cartoon then you wouldn’t get the reference and the whole composition would be lost on you.

What is nudity? Wikipedia says “it is is the state of wearing no clothing”

Nudity is a state that we all recognize. if you recognize what the goal of the image is then you will more easily jump to that conclusion.

The difference between nudity and implied nudity is that in implied nudity clothing doesn’t look like clothing.

In implied nudity posing and objects become clothing.

On the human body There are some key areas that lead your mind into believing that there is more on show. One of these is bare shoulders.

D14_Alex_N_S02_11bDEAC 14 Alex N Set 02 Image 11

Alex N is fully clothed with only one strap off her shoulder, But that is all it takes to imply nudity.

A more subtle method is body language. The way the model poses can give subliminal hints to what you want the viewer to “see”

Tia is also fully clothed but with the shirt being clutched in front of her, her body language and bare shoulders imply that she isn’t wearing anything beyond the shirt.

D14_Tia_Hyatt_S05_07bDEAC 14 Tia Hyatt Set 05 Image 07.

The other end of the spectrum is when you do have a nude model but you can’t actually see anything because of the pose or prop placement.

D12_Marie_S03_03aDEAC 12 Marie Set 03 Image 03.