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I’ve had this blog since early March. Almost no one reads it but I’m OK with that.

I just got indexed by Google, wow that opened a can of worms.



One of the people I worked with in the past notified me that my images have just started showing up in Google image search. There was this one image she would prefer that I remove, it was a low cut top that implied nudity. She felt it didn’t represent her professional persona.

I checked my records and located the model release. Yes I had permission to use the image and the persona listed didn’t appear to directly relate to her actual persona.

While I am within my legal rights to keep the image where it was, I would just feel bad about it.

I made a decision and decided to remove the troublesome image from my blog and replace it with another image from the shoot. I also attributed it to another fictional persona. My goal was to break the Google index between me and the original persona.

I also went back to Google and submitted a request to get the page re-indexed. Hopefully soon the image will disappear from Google image and the person who I worked with will not have to worry about the image.

I also went through and did a Google search on images using personas from my blog. I sent emails explaining the situation to some of the people I worked with. Mainly to see if they wanted the persona on my blog to be changed.

I wonder how long it takes Google to re-index my blog page?

It has been a learning experience which is what Damagedi is all about.