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So I’ve decided that I want to shoot on April 22nd. My normal shooting window is 10am to 4pm split into 2 or three shoots.

  1. 10am to noon
  2. noon to 2pm
  3. 2pm to 4pm

Of course there will be some transition time between shoots so I won’t be able to shoot for the full 120 minutes each time.

20150325_I_001Now come the hard part, booking models. I only just confirmed that I’m shooting on the 22nd and already I’ve booked three models with one already canceled and the other two want to work at the same time slot. ;0)

It’s all very fluid right now and I have a little superstition about naming models in shoot before they happen.  Seems like if I announce the shoot that’s when the gremlins get into the car, water heaters and other family emergencies.

I hope to book with Chaos Talent again but I’m also keeping my options open.

I have a new location picked out that is in Ann Arbor this time. I’ve talked with the owner and they are cool with me taking photos there.

For inspiration the new location reminds me of a set from a Wes Anderson movie it has some lovely blue walls.

If you have availability on April 22nd and want to shoot with me let me know ;0)