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I shot with Mel V for 117 minutes and took 89 images and ended up with 80 usable images over 12 sets.

Anyway my first cut brings me from 80 down to 34

S01-01 S02-01 S02-03 S03-01 S03-13 S03-14 S04-01 S04-03 S05-01 S05-02 S05-03 S05-04 S05-05 S05-06 S06-02 S06-03 S06-06 S06-07 S06-08 S06-10 S06-11 S07-02 S08-03 S09-01 S09-05 S09-06 S11-01 S11-03 S11-04 S11-05 S12-01 S12-02 S12-04 S12-05

I have 14 more to drop before  I get my top 20

20150325_MelV_T20S01-01 S02-01 S03-01 S03-14 S04-01 S04-03 S05-02 S05-03 S05-05 S05-06 S06-02 S06-03 S06-10 S06-11 S08-03 S09-01 S09-05 S09-06 S11-01 S12-04

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150325_MelV_T10-6S03-14 S04-01 S05-03 S09-01 S12-04

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150325_MelV_T05-2S11-01 S09-05 S06-10 S05-02

I still have to polish my top 5 before I post them into the gallery.

My over all favorite image from the shoot is

20150325_MelV_S05_05a20150325 Mel V Set 05 Image 05

I really like the expression on Mel V’s face in this image, it’s a little reproachful. It’s almost as if the viewer has been caught staring.

This is a prime example of an implied nude pose. When looking at the image you think you see more than is actually being shown. The crop and hidden lines give the illusion that Mel V is naked.

I’m very happy with the way the images from the shoot turned out. I’d like to work with Mel V again.

Also my experience booking through chaos talent was very positive and I think I’d like to book through them again.