So the great media empire that is Damagedi has grown. I’ve created a Twitter account just for status updates etc. Who knows I might get around to live tweeting a shoot ;0)


At Underscore Damagedi

My goal is to have a mix of original content and pushed posts making up the feed.

Right now I have certain Twitter posts being pushed from the feed to the Damagedi Facebook page. I plan to have blog post be pushed out to Twitter but I haven’t set it up yet.

It’s all about cross posting.


In other news…

I’ve decided on a shooting window for April. I’ve only just started booking and already I’ve had a model cancellation and double booking. Not to mention I;ve also had the original location bump my booking back to May.

So after a little searching I found another location to use during my shooting window.

20150207_I_S001I’ve been here before back in February. This time I should have more room to shoot. My plan is to have three separate shoots with three separate models but I am flexible. Hopefully I can adapt to what the world throws at me ;0)