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Yesterday was my shooting window for April and I packed it with shoots. I ended up shooting With Mia R, Sue B and Wildfire. My original location in Ann Arbor was double booked and after a little discussion my booking got bumped to May.

I had to look around for a location and as luck would have it I found out that the Detroit House of Pain was available. It’s the same location as the Chaos Talent February shoot.

My first appointment was with Miai R from Chaos Talent. We  shot  for 47 minutes and ended up with 66 usable images over 10 set

20150422_MiaiR_S05_0520150422 Miai R Set 05 Image 05

My next appointment was with Sue B From Model Mayhem. We shot for 84 minutes and ended up 78 usable images over 12 sets.

20150422_SueB_S04_0820150422 Sue B Set 04 Image 08

My last appointment of the day was with Wildfire also of Model Mayhem. we shot for 90 minutes and ended up with 90 usable images over 10 sets.

20150422_Wildfire_S10_0220150422 Wildfire Set 10 Image 02

I’d rate the day as a success I got some great pictures from all the shoots. I had a little hiccup at the start of the day but I put it down to my curse of announcing shoots before they happen.. When will I ever learn ;0)

I still have to go through previews etc but I’m excited about how they will turn out. I’ll post more pictures as I head through them.