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A combination of a late night and a series of unfortunate events including my curse of announcing shoots before they happen meant that I only got to shot with Miai R for 47 minutes but we ended up with 66 usable images over 10 set

Anyway my first cut brings me spot on to 30 images

S01-01 S01-03 S01-06 S02-01 S02-03 S02-04 S02-05 S02-09 S03-04 S03-05 S04-02 S04-05 S04-07 S05-04 S05-05 S05-06 S06-01 S06-02 S07-02 S07-03 S07-04 S08-01 S08-02 S09-03 S09-04 S10-01 S10-03 S10-06 S10-11 S10-13

I have to pluck off 10 more to get my top 20

20150422_MiaiR_T20S01-01 S01-03 S02-03 S02-04 S02-05 S03-05 S04-02 S04-07 S05-04 S05-05 S05-06 S06-02 S07-03 S07-04 S08-01 S09-04 S10-01 S10-03 S10-06 S10-13

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150422_MiaiR_T10-6S01-01 S06-02 S05-06 S10-01 S07-04

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150422_MiaiR_T05-2S05-05 S09-04 S03-05 S8

I still have to polish my top 5 before I post them into the gallery.

My over all favorite image from the shoot is

20150422_MiaiR_S10_03a20150422 Miai R Set 10 Image 03 – Eurydice

My impression of this image is that Miai R is leading the viewer to someplace else and she has paused on the threshold and turned back to make sure the viewer is still there.

Wow that has so many similarities to the Greek story of Orpheus and Eurydice but of course was Orpheus male leading his dead wife Eurydice out of Hades.

I love this image so much. I’m having a hard time collating all the ideas and notions I get from this image.  In the composition Orpheus is leading you up to ‘her’ room.

The room could be just a room but it can represent so much more.  It’ prime color is red, which could mean passion.  The room is indistinct but brighter than the rest of the composition this could represent a higher plane like nirvana, heaven or the promised lands. If you put passion and ‘promised lands’ together it could mean sex.

Which in a way could be described as talking a journey to a red room…

The room is the promised land and it’s almost with in reach but alas on the threshold Orpheus has turned and you are forever denied.  Miai R’s arm is literally barring you from not only the room but from seeing her nudity. You as the viewer can go no further.

Or it could just be a picture of model posing at the top of the stairs. ;0)