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Sue B was my second appointment of the day. We shot at the Detroit House of Pain in Ferndale. We shot for 84 minutes but we ended up with 79 usable images over 12 sets

Anyway my first cut brings me down to 29 images.

S01-01 S02-02 S02-03 S03-03 S04-04 S04-05 S04-07 S04-08 S04-09 S05-02 S05-03 S05-06 S05-07 S05-11 S06-01 S06-03 S06-04 S07-01 S07-02 S07-03 S08-04 S08-05 S11-03 S11-04 S11-06 S12-02 S12-04 S12-06 S12-10

I just have to shave off 9 to get to my top 20

20150422_SueB_T20S01-01 S02-02 S04-04 S04-05 S04-08 S05-02 S05-06 S05-07 S05-11 S06-01 S06-04 S07-01 S07-02 S07-03 S08-04 S08-05 S11-03 S11-04 S12-02 S12-04

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150422_SueB_T10-6S05-07 S12-02 S04-04 S06-01 S07-03

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150422_SueB_T05-2S08-05 S11-04 S05-11 S04-05

I still have to polish my top 5 before I post them into the gallery.

My over all favorite image from the shoot is

20150422_SueB_S07_01a20150422 Sue B Set 07 Image 01

I love this image it looks intimate, a very candid moment. From the pose it’s implied that Sue B isn’t wearing anything apart from the red cover. A lot of red soft fabric, to reduce the creases I used a surface blur then a mask to paint the details back in. I like this pose a lot Sue B posed in a similar way for a number of shots in differing sets and quite a few of them made it into my Top 20 Favorites.