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My last shoot of the day was with Wildfire. I shot with her for 90 minutes and ended up with 90 usable images over 10 sets.

Anyway my first cut brings me  to 39 images.

S01-01 S01-04 S01-05 S01-07 S01-08 S02-03 S02-05 S02-06 S02-07 S02-10 S02-12 S03-01 S03-02 S03-05 S03-06 S03-08 S03-09 S03-11 S04-05 S04-06 S05-01 S05-03 S05-08 S05-09 S06-06 S06-07 S06-09 S06-10 S06-11 S07-03 S07-04 S07-05 S07-06 S07-08 S08-02 S09-07 S10-02 S10-03 S10-06

It was very difficult choosing which 19 I had to drop to get my top 20

20150422_Wildfire_T20S01-01 S01-07 S01-08 S02-05 S02-10 S03-02 S03-05 S03-09 S03-11 S04-06 S05-03 S05-09 S06-07 S06-09 S06-11 S07-04 S07-08 S08-02 S09-07 S10-03

It took me quite a while to shuffle and resort while swapping images in and out to finally decide on what my to 10 images from the shoot were.

My next step is to choose my top 10 in order. This will give my over all favorite and my top 5 for the gallery above.

In reverse order my top ten is from position 10 to 6

20150422_Wildfire_T10-6S03-05 S06-07 S07-08 S02-05 S01-07

My top five in reverse order from position 5 to 2

20150422_Wildfire_T05-2S07-04 S03-09 S10-03 S06-09

My over all favorite image from the shoot is

20150422_Wildfire_S05_03b20150422 Wildfire Set 05 Image 03 – Curvature

Wildfire has a lot of curves and I’m not just talking about breasts. She has the personality type where she can turn on a smile at a moments notice. That smile looks genuine and believable and that’s where the curves start by pushing her cheeks up.

With my favorite image from the shoot (Curvature) you are drawn into her face as the main focus and from there the curves lead you on a left and right adventure around her upper torso. Eyes go to cheeks, which in turn leads you to the sweep of her hair as it cascades to the camber of her shoulder before splashing down upon the tops of her breasts. Her breast casually swerve your attention to her arms which then spiral you to the other side of her body and back up to her face to begin the journey again.

My shoot with Wildfire was fun. The last shoot of the day and I’m usually beginning to slow down and re try poses from the earlier shoots. Wildfire has a wonderfully bubbly personality and it really topped off my flagging inspiration tank.  I really had difficulty selecting my top 20 because I really did love more images than would fit.