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So I shot at a new location yesterday for my May shooting window. It’s very small but awesome amounts of natural light .

My first appointment of the day was with Ash K.

20150520_AshK_S03_0120150520 Ash K  Set 03 Image 01

We shot for 106 minutes and ended up with 164 usable images over 16 sets.

My second appointment was with Wingless F from Chaos Talent.

20150520_WingF_S01_0220150520 Wingless  Set 01 Image 02

We shot for 99 minutes and ended up taking 265 images over 21 sets.

My final appointment for the day was with Aurora R.

20150520_AuroraR_S02_0120150520 Aurora R  Set 02 Image 01

We shot for 87 minutes and ended up taking 189 images over 17 sets.

It was a good day of shooting, I think I have some great images. I still have to go through them. I’ve only just managed to sort the images into sets. In saying that I do have some favorites of each model that I hope will make the final cut ;0)