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Well it’s more like an allotment or a window box than a farm. I now have more than one computer to render images on. I had a little bit on an epiphany yesterday. I ‘m a bit of a computer geek and for one reason or another I keep old and broken stuff in my basement but I’m getting ahead of myself.

I was working on some images of Aurora R from Wednesdays shoot it’s a super close half to three quarter face shot with some nice reflections and I was wondering what to do with it. I thought maybe I could make an homage to Roy Lichtenstein (I still might do that). Then I thought how about I do a render I haven’t done one of those in a while.

So I fired it up and watched it for a while then moved on to other things.

Well the other things were more mundane like laundry. Laundry that just happens to be in the basement along with my computer junk.  I noticed an old laptop with a broken LCD that I’ve been meaning to fix for years and that’s when I had inspiration. I could use it to run another render. The only problem is I wouldn’t be able to watch it grow as the screen was half dead. When I’m on a kick nothing really stops me as long as I keep focus. I spent the afternoon configuring the remote desktop through half a physical screen.

I now have a stand alone machine that I can connect to and run renders. So while I was running the render of Aurora R

20150520_AuroraR_S04_03aRThe Aurora R render after 14 hours. Her eyes haven’t grown in yet and it’s a little creepy but I kinda like that ;0)

I began a render of Ash K. The image I chose was one of her laying on the floor wrapped up in a curtain. The image looks better than described ;0) I chose it mostly for the framing and expression n her face.

20150520_AshK_S10_02RThe Ash K render is still in its infancy. Her face hasn’t grown in yet but her fingers are forming. I also like the strong pattern of the rug making the background.

One thing to note especially when its in physical form this style of art looks better the further away you are. Then the geometric shapes blur together to fill in ‘details’ and add depth. When I work on renders they are eight times as big as you see here and I have to resize them for my blog. The resizing is effectively putting you further away from the image making it look more finished than it really is.

20150520_AshK_S10_02earTo give you an idea what it looks like up close here is Ash K’s ear, or what will become an ear. If you step away from the computer and squint a bit you will see the shapes blur and the detail form.

I hope to do more renders now that I have a dedicated machine.