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Ash K was my first appointment of the day. Starting off earlier in the day the light coming through the windows is at a different angle and it illuminates things differently than say my last appointment.  One advantage was that angle of the natural light kept the light levels inside the location less than outside.

With all those windows I couldn’t remotely say that the room was in shadow. It was more like the room was “full” of light and the light kept flowing in.

Too much light is coming though the windows when I took the image but It’s a good thing it’s blocking the view of the rather uninteresting parking lot outside.

20150520_AshK_S06_01a20150520 Ash K  Set 06 Image 01

If you follow the images I post you might pick up on a theme. Any idea what that theme is? If you answered “naked people” you’d be partially right.

Implied nude people would be a better description. Do you know the difference between imply and infer?


verb :strongly suggest the truth or existence of (something not expressly stated).


verb :deduce or conclude (information) from evidence and reasoning rather than from explicit statements.

 I imply and if I’ve done my job correctly you infer.

I don’t want to spoil the magic for you but Ash K isn’t naked, she isn’t even topless. She is wearing clothing but I’m implying that she isn’t.  It’s all about the pillow, pose and preparation.

The pillow blocks out part of the main focus of the image. It covers the majority of Ash K’s clothing leaving that space for your imagination to fill in the blanks.

The pose with Ash K holding tight to the pillow with both hands gives the pillow a secondary level importance. Now there is an impression that the pillow is important to the story within the image.  Just why is she holding it so close and tight?

The preparation is where we nudge things around to enhance the story. Lets focus on the pillow it’s not a coincidence that Ash K’s right hand is holding the pillow lower than her right. It’s actually pulling the pillow down to expose the beginning of her cleavage.  The edge of the pillow is resting upon the upper line of her top. We are actually seeing less of her chest than if she was waking around outside. The major change that pumps up story is a little extra skin show on her right shoulder. If you look there is nothing scandalous showing. The only thing that you can see more of is the little tiny strip of skin normally covered by a strap. The strap is currently slipped off her shoulder and tucked behind the pillow. I didn’t need to slip the other strap because it’s hidden behind Ash K’s hair.

If I have done my job correctly you should be jumping to your own conclusions and inferring the nudity all on your own.