Aurora was the last appointment of the day.  Usually my last appointments can go one of two ways.

It could be my creative bucket is dry – I’ve used all my brain power to come up with poses and angles on the previous appointments.  Now I’m just repeating and repeating only the model has changed.


I come up with new poses and I’m kicking my self for not thinking of it sooner.

With Aurora R it was partially both. I hadn’t had lunch and I was flagging when Aurora R arrived at the location. The first sets where warm up as usual when I started shooting in earnest I felt I was repeating and I couldn’t stop myself. Around set 13 I started getting my second wind. By the time I got to set 14 I was kicking myself wondering why I hadn’t done this earlier.

20150520_AuroraR_S14_05a20150520 Aurora R  Set 14 Image 05

This is another channel mixer adjustment. I boosted the green channel thinking I might clip the highlights again and block the view from the window. It was way over the top so I started bringing down the Red channel. I waited till I got the view outside and then I just moved it until I felt the view balanced out and everything had the same tone /’color’. I wanted the view outside to look homogenized and slightly bland so that all the interest was kept within the room.

I wanted the focus to be on the light and shadows on Aurora R.