“OMG i love the close up of the girl in the mask.
lemme know if i can buy a print!”

That’s an actual verbatim quote from the host who allowed me to shoot at their place for my May Shooting window.

Just this week I started putting together a Dropbox folder containing a few previews from the shoots I’ve done at various locations. Mostly to show hosts what I’ve been up to on their property and also as a way to show potential host what I’m looking to do.

20150520_WingF_S15_06a20150520 Wingless F  Set 15 Image 06 – Girl in the mask.

The images I have out on Dropbox are just previews all that has been done is auto levels and resized to 1000 pixels on the largest side. Certainly not 100% finished even my best images get a little nudge here and there.

I was looking at way to finish “Girl in the Mask” so I asked for some advice from my wife (a most excellent photographer). She offered that it needs a little more red.

I could see her point the braiding around Wingless F’s top was a red floral design (roses i think).  Unfortunately it was the only red in the composition and it looked slightly out of place.

I thought about adding red to the room but the color scheme in the room was awesome and I felt I couldn’t add red to the background without it looking garish. Then I thought, how about I do it backwards and take elements from the room and change the way Wingless F looks instead.

Using the sideboard on the back wall and the throw pillow in the chair as inspiration I changed the floral design from red and white to a more marmalade tabby cat design. I also felt I need to nudge the eye color to help with tying the colors and cat theme together.

I like it. I’ll see what size my May Shooting window host would like and I’ll get it printed and give it to them. After all flattery goes a long way in my book ;0)