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I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before but the Detroit Erotic Arts Collaborative has changed names it’s now The Society of Models and Photographers.  from what i understand the main impious for the name change was to drop the word Erotic.

Apparently it makes the group sound less creepy ;0)

Why do I bring it up? Well this Saturday was the First full on SMP group shoot.  Although the previous group shoot in March was technically the last DEAC shoot it was also sort of the first SMP shoot.   It was a time of transition.

Anyway I was at the SMP shoot, this time it was being held at the Russell Industrial center (the Dirty Show is put on here but in another building).  I booked with six people but two of the appointments didn’t show up. One just didn’t show up and the other was involved in a car accident. (She texted me her car was totaled but she seemed unharmed which is all that really matters)

I had my own traffic issues I had to deal with, mostly construction traffic.  It turns out so did my first appointment.  E La Trice was my first appointment of the day we were to shoot during the noon hour. We didn’t actually start shooting till 12:30pm giving ups only 20 minutes to work with. As luck would have it the car crash had given me an opening for 1pm hour and  E La Trice didn’t have anyone booked in that time so carried on shooting till 1:45pm

20150606_E-LaTriceS02_11a20150606 E La Trice  Set 02 Image 11

For my 2pm I booked with Sadie S We shot for 49 minutes and came up with 105 images over 9 sets

20150606_SadieS_S04_02a20150606 Sadie S Set 04 Image 02

My 3pm appointment was with Sandra R. This was a very last minute booking and she explained that she was probably going to be a little late because of work and getting to the location etc. She made excellent time and we managed to shoot for 29 Minutes and ended up with 56 images over 5 sets

20150606_SandraR_S05_14a20150606 Sandra R Set 05 Image 14

My 4 pm appointment didn’t turn up. I had a feeling that might be the case so I talked with Tyger G to see if she would be interested in doing a Zivity set. She was awesome as ever. We managed to shoot for 30 minutes and ended up with 193 images over 11 sets. More than enough to storyboard a Zivity set.

20150606_TygerG_S06_04a20150606 Tyger G Set 06 Image 04

My last appointment of the day was with Sonnet GW. We shot for 38 minutes and ended up with 69 images over 4 sets.

20150606_SonnetGS02_01a20150606 Sonnet GW Set 02 Image 01

Sonnet was great to work with and I would have wanted to shoot more with her but she had an appointment for 6pm. So my shooting day came to an end. I spent the next hour packing up and chatting with the other photographers and the owner of the location we were shooting at.

It was a good day of shooting and I’m seriously thinking of coming back to shoot at the location on my own.