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Some nights I sleep soundly and others I sleep for a few hours then get up to go pee only to find my dog has taken my space in the bed. I try to get back to sleep but my brain is already working on other stuff.

Well tonight is one of those nights. So I decided I should work on some of my images. I have eight photo shoots to go through. All ready for me to pick my favorites but I don’t quite feel ready to give my full attention to hundreds of images.  So instead I chose one and decided to make something of it.

20150606_SandraR_S04_0120150606 Sandra R Set 04 Image 01

I like the pose here with Sandra R’s leg spanning the two chairs. It’s like she is claiming both chairs. She is purposely not inviting you to sit down. It’s a good story in the composition (at least from my perspective).

Everything looks so bright and shiny I felt that I needed to rough it up a little or a lot.

The first thing I did create couple of adjustment layers to mess with the colors. Once I got a vintage looking color scheme I then went on to simulate physical damage to the photograph. I used a Black and white picture of metal scratches. The scratches are only there to be a template for the damaged to the image. I used the color picker to select the scratch pattern. then used it on a layer mask of the original image. I cut away the pixels in the selection effectively cutting away (masking) parts of the image. I then painted back some of the lost details using the layer mask.

20150606_SandraR_S04_01a20150606 Sandra R Set 04 Image 01Old Pool hall

I added a crumpled paper texture under the image so that it would show through. My thoughts are that it looks like its a photograph that has lost some of the emulsion from being damp and sticking to another photograph. When you pull the damp photographs apart some times a photograph looses emulsion and some times it picks up emulsion from the other photograph.

I just realized as I’m typing this blog that I should have applied the scratch mask to the color adjustment layers. So quick Control + Click to the layer mask to select, then hop over to each adjustment layer and inverse the selection and cut.

20150606_SandraR_S04_01b20150606 Sandra R Set 04 Image 01Old Pool hall (adj.)

Now it looks more like the underlying paper under the emulsion.  This is why you should always work with adjustment layers and masks. Imagine if I had actually just cut and paste the original image… there would be no going back.